A&E Medical Corp. & Los Angeles-based Private Equity Acquires Europe’s Medical Concepts

Vance Street Capital LLC will be partnering with A&E Medical’s measures for expanding its businesses in Europe and getting hands on some advanced products in temporary pacing wires category.

Enlarging their worldwide platform for product development has instigated A&E Medical Corporation to acquire leading players from several key regions in the world. The healthcare company has recently announced that it will improve its product portfolio in medical wiring category and expand its offshore businesses by acquiring a prominent healthcare devices manufacturer from Europe. Recently, updates on the international healthcare happenings reported that Medical Concepts Europe (MCE) is expected to be acquired by A&E Medical and Vance Street Capital LLC.

While the terms of transaction were not disclosed, the acquisition is expected to be second follow-up measure undertaken by Vance Street Capital in the year of 2016. Based in Los Angeles, the private equity firm had bought the controlling stake of A&E Medical in early February. With A&E Medical acquiring MCE, it will act as the first add-on acquisition instrumented by Vance Street Capital in the year’s healthcare businesses. MCE is currently identified as a manufacturer of cables and wires used specifically in cardio-thoracic surgeries. Some of the top-selling products manufactured by MCE include mono-polar, bi-polar, and quad-polar temporary pacing wires, and patient extension cables. These products have been supplied across several medical organizations in Europe, and in Asia, Middle East and North America.

Acquiring MCE, A&E Medical is eyeing at entering the Europe healthcare industry through a strategic buyout of one of its leading medical device manufacturer. The Netherlands-based company is being acquired by A&E Medical to expand its product portfolio and gain the company some significant leverage in selling cardiovascular devices. Adding MCE’s offerings will help the US healthcare company to reap profits from untapped consumers of cardiovascular surgical instruments. MCE’s footprint in Europe is one of the prime reasons for acquisition, while merging the company’s product range with A& E Medical’s industry-leading devices is also reported to have orchestrated the acquisition. Fusing such products is expected to be far more beneficial for Vance Street Capital’s healthcare business in North America, Europe and other parts of the world.

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