Airbnb’s Multimedia App Gets Updated with “Trips” – A Feature that Lists Local Events for Travelers to Participate

Indulging into fun activities can make the homestay experience even better, which is why Airbnb’s smartphone app will now offer options for the travelers’ extracurricular amusement.

Unlike traditional business models, instating any “special attraction” as an annexure to existing product offerings has become simpler for companies that employ interactive multimedia channels. Routing an additional business feature through multimedia applications is easier, cost-effective and consumer-compelling. Smartphones apps are among such competent multimedia utilities assuring that the company’s latest business augmentation has been updated to the customer, who can further decide whether or not to avail it. Furthermore, exposure of such features through mobile or smartphone apps multiplies the company’s chances of seeking instant demand. Such practices are being emphatically adopted by e-commerce ventures and businesses running on an online marketplace.

Airbnb, a US-based peer-to-peer homestay networking company, has advanced into such modes of extending its world-popular business by adding a new feature to its smartphone app. Announcing this new inclusion in a recent Aribnb Open event held in Los Angeles, the company’s mobile app will demand users to update to a fresher version that will include a “Trips” feature. The San Francisco-based online marketplace will allow its customers to enjoy some options of extracurricular fun during their homestay duration. Traveler availing homestay services from Airbnb can use “Trips” feature to see what activities and events can be attended during their halt.

Airbnb is essentially known for offering its customers a list of short-term lodging options that can assist their accommodation during travel. The addition of this feature has renewed the company’s identity from home-sharing networker to an all-inclusive travel company. In this feature, Airbnb hosts can offer their guests unique experiences available in the vicinity of the homestay location. These offerings range from hiking, taking professional lessons, to getting a simple makeover. Since these options will be handcrafted by hosts, Airbnb’s customers will be open for some uncharted outings and happenings. With this, Airbnb is aiming at effectively connecting travelers to locals, creating opportunities for social trade and strengthening its traveler-host rapports; which will prove beneficial for the company’s future endeavors.

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