Apt. 4B Revives 90’s Street Life of NYC to the West Coast


Apt. 4B, situated in Los Angeles on Fairfax Avenues, is a boutique of street wear, owned by Moon and Monique Carmen, both being the co-owners. Also Apt. 4B now is a place identified to be the reincarnation of the street life of late 90’s NYC. Prior to this, Moon used to work as a retail in Queens clothing store, and became a buyer eventually, also being an aspiring rapper and friends with the rapper of Beatnuts, Juju. On the other hand Monique, who is half Mexican, one-fourth Navajo and European, worked in private banking and was the only minority and the only woman to work with men in their 60’s and thought was miserable in corporate America. Years ago, the two became couple. And after failing in a business venture with a clothing line, Moon was led to invite Monique and become partners in the business world.

This store Apt. 4B is so much like an apartment that customers formerly feel like invading into someone’s privacy, but once they are assured that it is a store and it’s a fake plastic cockroach on the apartments floor, they are relieved and get comfortable with the atmosphere and start buying tees with quotes like ‘Triple Beam Dream’ and ‘One Love’.

Many of the known artists have visited Apt. 4B adding to it a huge load of fame, like Rapper Noreaga hosted ‘A Tribe Called quest’ and used it as the venue, the album of Jay Z ‘Reasonable Doubt’s’ was held there for a whole weekend, DJ Khaled spread the news through snapchat while he was there and when followed by social media it was come to light that he was partying with Meek Mill and some other rap stars at the apartment, one fine afternoon rhymer Pusha T and Jay Z made a brief visit adding to the Apt. 4B’s glory.

Gradually all of these events made Apt. 4B a great store for the street style clothing and a famous place to hang out for cool Aesthetics.

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