Automotive Defogger System Market Know the Key Growth Drivers Developments and Innovations 2017 – 2027

Automotive Defogger System Market

Increase in accident rates has led to increase in use of active & passive safety systems in cars over the past few years. This has fuelled the demand for visibility systems, which in turn, drive the growth of automotive defogger system market. Automotive defogger system helps clear frost and condensation from the back glass, windshield or side windows of a motor vehicle. The main function of automotive defogger system is to improve visibility during monsoon and winter seasons. The climatic conditions constantly change along with temperature that often makes the car windows and windshield foggy. In addition, with the outside humidity content and temperature higher than the vehicle’s interior temperature, moisture starts condensing at the outside glass surface of the car, leading to poor vision of the road.

There are two types of automotive defogger systems in the market: primary and secondary. Automotive defogger that utilizes HVAC system to draw warm air and pass them through vehicle’s heater and then through dashboard and hit front windshield and side windows are the primary systems. On the contrary, secondary systems are designed to defrost rear windshields and mirrors and use wire grids & resistive heating, which effectively defrost the ice and remove condensation. These secondary systems often contain series of parallel linear resistive conductors in or on the glass.

Automotive Defogger System Market: Dynamics : The growing demand for safety systems coupled with comfort features while driving is expected to propel the demand for global automotive defogger system. Moreover, changing weather conditions such as snowfall and monsoon in the European & North American countries is further expected to upsurge the demand for automotive defogger system market. Also, many regulatory bodies have mandated the use of automotive defogger system in their countries to decrease accident rates, which acts as an important driver for this market. However, the higher cost associated with this system is projected to hamper the growth of automotive defogger systems over the forecast period.

Automotive Defogger System Market: Trend : European and North American countries, where weather changes frequently, are estimated to be the major markets for the automotive defogger system. Automotive defogger system manufacturers are planning to start using humidity sensors, which will measure humidity by the amount of desorption and absorption of water vapours and also temperature sensors that sense the difference between temperature outside and inside a vehicle, in the near future. Additionally, OEMs make use of both the defrosters (primary and secondary), therefore, aftermarket services and replacement are available for both the types.

Also, the introduction of hot wire anemometer will be one of the major trends that will increase the demand for window defogger market in the coming years. Thermal anemometers and hot wire are used to measure the fluid by monitoring heat lost into the environment. This is intended to help drivers maintain visibility during extreme weather conditions.

Automotive Defogger System Market: Segmentation : On the basis of position, the global automotive defogger system can be segmented into: Front automotive defogger system, Rear automotive defogger system, Side glass defogger system On the basis of technology, the global automotive defogger system can be segmented into: Primary – Utilize HVAC systems for front windshield and side windows, Secondary – Use wire grid to physically warm rear windshields and mirrors

The global automotive defogger system can also be segmented on the basis of vehicle type: Passenger Car, Light Commercial Vehicle, Heavy Commercial Vehicle On the basis of sales channel, the global automotive defogger system can be segmented into: OEM, Aftermarket

Automotive Defogger System Market: Market Participants : Some of the examples of the market participants in the global automotive defogger systemmarket identified across the value chain include: Delphi Automotive Plc, NXP Semiconductors, Denso Corporation, Planned Product LLC, Gates Corporation, Toyoda Gosei, Shenzhen Haohaichang Industrial Co., Ltd., Dayco Canada Corp., Henkel Corporation

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