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With the emergence of a technologically progressive generation and the need to be socially accepted and like, the trend of social media websites has intensified and is anticipated to prevail largely in the years ahead. It is now almost mandatory to be famous in social media not only to boost your personal image but also trigger the growth of a business. Social media has chains of platforms for image growth as well as business expansion. All that is needed is to know the tricks of it.

There is a lot out there laid out in plain sight for us to discover through the social media platforms. All that is needed is the right marketing tool. Social media advertising is one such thing. Social media advertising can be paid or it can be the other way round, through blogging or by generating engaging content that describe your business better. In this way, one can engage the audience, educate them, entertain them, and also fulfill the purpose of marketing or advertising here. Audiences at times get irritated of advertisements popping up on their social media page each time they visit it. The bots also tend to show advertisements that have been previously searched on. This can get a little irritating at times because sometimes all the public wants to do is surf through, get information, or get entertained.

It can turn out to be a challenging task to start selling instantly on social media through advertising or even indirect promotion. So, the ideal way is to not to beat around the bushes and get down with a real strategy. Your social media presence is what matters more to expand your reach and create your image as a brand and not just as a random blogger posting pictures of daily activities just like others. Different types of strategies are employed in different social media platforms. It is imperative to understand the tactics and methods that each will help the user grow in respective platforms.


Instagram is one such platform where the quality of the content and an engaging storyline is a really big deal. It is imperative for an Instagrammer to concentrate on the quality of the stories that are being posted in order to increase the number of likes and also the number of followers side by side. For instance, a girl named Shramona Poddar has an Instagram page called mishit.and.meat. The bio is not very long but it is definitely very catchy. The pictures are of great quality and every picture is accompanies with a lovely story or beautiful self-written quotes. Recently she crashed almost over 50k followers. This not only gets her a good number of audience or likes on Instagram along with followers, but also it enables her to promote or endorse certain homegrown or even popular brands. This is how business and money earning on Instagram works. There are many other Instagram accounts working on the same motto, such as thebohobalika to be precise. This further helps in getting assignments. Even many startups engage with Instagram pages with a good number of followers to endorse their products.


Facebook, almost like Instagram uses the same time of strategies such as perfect pictures and engaging storyline along with the featuring of the business with lovely captions. Facebook, though has a system for showcasing business through pages and groups. Several homegrown and startups try to feature themselves on Facebook.

So, if still in doubt, don’t be. Get going and get started!!

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