California’s Up-and-coming Foodservice Joints Successfully Changing the Dietary Lifestyles of Consumers

Co-creators of Trap Kitchen, a California-based underground catering business, sets an example for budding foodservice entrepreneurs that qualitative preparations pay out well in the end.

Upscale restaurants and food outlets might be accessible to all, but aren’t always affordable for the ordinary. Food in the form of culinary delicacies continues to be segregated on the basis of the consumers’ affordability. Defying such as cloaked trend, young entrepreneurs from California have sprung out a successful business model that offers ordinary people with affordable food of 5-star quality. In this case, changing the dietary lifestyles of Californian commoners became a key driver for the establishment of a secretive foodservice enterprise, called the Trap Kitchen.

Trap Kitchen is a full-service catering business based in Compton, California that offers exquisitely-tasty culinary dishes to consumers at low prices. Trap Kitchen’s co-creators, Roberto Smith and Malachi Jenkins, instigated this business to make the streets of Compton privy of top-class food cuisines, with a considerable help from social media applications. It all started when Malachi Jenkins a.k.a. “Chef Spank” pursued his culinary passion by leaving the street life and attending LeCordon Blue, Las Vegas. Life’s tragedies compelled him to drop out from the school, which led to his encounter with Roberto Smith, his old associate and a member of rival street gang. Smith, who’s known by the alias “News”, and Jenkins decided to bow out of Compton’s street gang rivalry and put their money into a business, which has now gained them nationwide recognition.

Trap Kitchen was devised with Jenkins’ cooking skills and Smith’s networking talents. Three years before, their business started off from Smith’s grandmother’s house; where Chef Spank cooked in the backyard while money and customers came walking towards News. Snapshots of several culinary cuisines made by Trap Kitchen gained popularity on social networking site Instagram, attracting hordes of urban food enthusiasts from Compton. Trap Kitchen’s manager Nisa Ahmad, clarifies that the “trap” word does not stand for its street meaning – place where drug deals are carried out, but it was acronym for “Take Risks and Prosper.” Presently, the duo-entrepreneurs are now operating out of their homes, trying to keep up with the soaring demand for their gourmet meals. Friendly endorsement from notable Compton celebrities such as rappers The Game, Kendrick Lamar, and Tyga, has made Trap Kitchen seminal for aspiring entrepreneurs stuck in the town’s streets.

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