California’s Loma Linda University Promotes Development of Businesses that Originated from Lab Science Experiments

The state’s acclaimed health science university has declared its plans to roll out a venture in early-2017, which will nurture science-oriented business concepts.

Some of the most successful businesses present today were first tested in laboratories before setting them on a path to worldwide prominence. Scientific workshops and laboratories become apposite test beds for commercial transformation of experiments to products and services. The practicality of that experiment gets recognized as the applicability of derived products, which continues to enlarge by merging enhanced scientific research and developed technologies into it. The fact remains that businesses backed with science are more likely to receive a promising commercial response. Moneymaking markets in the US resonate the verity of this statement as some of the country’s leading commercial businesses evolved into billion-dollar corporations after undergoing successful scientific experimentation.

Correspondingly, the Loma Linda University in California has planned to equip its laboratories with devices and personnel that help convert experiments into commercial businesses. By early next year, the university will construct a new hospital, which will house science laboratories that will incubate experiments till they reach the marketable status. Loma Linda University has named this venture “n3EIGHT” since it is homophonic to the word “incubate.” The university’s novel endeavor is, thus, expected to act as an incubator for experiments undertaken by academics and clinical researchers. During the cultivation of such experiments, business and corporate leaders from the country’s healthcare and medical devices industry will also participate, giving their inputs on the launch of developed products.

The newly-installed medical and research center is likely to attract native companies from Loma Linda, California. Several business firms in the city are providing healthcare facilities across the US, making the n3EIGHT research center in Loma Linda University a profitable venture for investment. Companies can capitalize on n3EIGHT’s research findings and implement them in their business, accordingly. Eventually, efforts taken by the university’s research personnel can create job opportunities for health science companies in California and beyond, boosting the US market for science-oriented medical businesses.

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