The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Launches its Multimedia App by Partnering with App Developer Hathway

California-based smartphone app developer will be branding and orchestrating the coffeemaker’s breakthrough in social advertising, personalized retail and e-commerce.

Millions of people in the US and across the globe don’t head to work without having their morning perk – a hot and steaming cup of coffee. Caffeine is not just an integral part of a consumer’s daily diet, but is also a remedy to the extra-strenuous life that is needed to be dealt with. Since a majority of people rush towards selected coffee shops around the block, getting a decent cup of espresso, cappuccino, or even decaf, can becoming really maddening. After serving generations of coffee-lovers in the country, US-based coffee chain – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – has come up with an innovative solution for the morning coffee hassle.

One of the most recognizable coffeemaker in the global retail industry, The Coffee Bean, has reinforced its businesses by adopting one of the most common ways of boosting sales – launching a mobile app. The Coffee Bean has recently announced its foray into the realm of multimedia consumerism with the launch of its smartphone app, which goes by its own brand name. Consumers and regular clients of the coffee stop chain can now download and use The Coffee Bean app to access some interesting features developed by California’s app developer and tech startup, Hathway. Improving customer relations, building up trusted consumer base, and designing innovative approach to their coffee-selling approach were some of the crucial priorities devised by The Coffee Bean that influenced them to launch their smartphone app. Being the company’s first omni-channel business strategy, The Coffee Bean app is developed to offer in-store menus, customization of orders, pick-up sales, and at point-of-sale facilities to users.

When one of the largest coffee retailer in the US comes to a mobile app developer, the outcomes of such partnership is expected to be momentous. For Hathway, the global coffee retailing giant will be one of its most privileged clients. The web designing and mobile app developer from San Luis Obispo, California has equipped The Coffee Bean app with some of the best interactive options, ensuring that the app’s status will be symbolic to the coffeemaker’s industry clout.

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