Distrust Builds Up as the US-Cuban Business Relations Anticipate Donald Trump’s First Move after Fidel Castro’s Death


Will the US President-elect impose serious threats on the US-Cuba trade businesses, or will he rebuild this delicate relation by reinforcing Obama’s political strategies?

The clout of wariness begins to encircle as Cuban revolutionary and the country’s patriotic icon passes away at the age of 90. Fidel Castro, Cuba’s beloved hero passed away on November 25, leaving behind a legacy of radical freedom movements that secured the country’s freedom from clutches of the US. The 50-year struggle between Cuba and the superpower has arrived at crossroads where Cuban exiles in the US celebrate the sacrifice of their compatriot leader while politicians and lawmakers seek out opportunities for grabbing an untapped authority over the islanders. After Castro’s death, the Republic of Cuba is witnessing a noticeable surge of doubtful atmosphere with respect to securing the country’s freedom in the near future. Political intervention continues to endanger business and trade relations between the neighboring countries as the world awaits the influence of Donald Trump’s presidency on the US-Cuban affairs.

Overseas businesses between the US and Cuba is anticipated to incur impedance if the President-elect Donald Trump alters the diplomatic rapport between them. Momentous efforts of President Barack Obama in restoring the US-Cuba ties are likely to be jeopardized from Trump’s non-negotiable demands. The Republican representative’s intentions for augmenting businesses with Cuba were evident from the quote of Reince Priebus, Trump’s incoming Chief of Staff, which spoke of compelling Cuban leaders to demonstrate “progress on lifting repression” by freeing political prisoners and opening markets for feasible businesses, along with an assurance of religious liberty.

Trump’s affiliates and Republican spokespeople have also asserted their efforts of resetting the US-Cuba relations by demanding unspecified commitments from the islanded country, without any provisions for concessions. The approach of Trump’s politics on Obama’s diplomatic policies with Cuba is likely to transform almost every aspect of trade and businesses undertaken between the estranged neighbors. Peer-to-peer online business, food & beverage exchanges, import of agricultural produce, as well as streaming multimedia services such as Netflix, are among the prominent commercial enterprises and industrial verticals that will face the brunt of Trump’s recalibration on the US-Cuban trade ties, post Castro’s death.

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