Global Tattoo Removal Lasers Market – Latest Advancements

Tattoo Removal Lasers Market

Different methods of tattoo removal have evolved over the years, with thermal, chemical and mechanical tissue destruction being the most popular initially. These methods involved a long and multi-staged process. However, emergence of highly advanced laser tattoo removal procedures, along with rapid technological evolution has upended this reality. Adoption of laser technology has made tattoo removal treatments comparatively more safe and comfortable than traditional techniques. A number of developments have been made in tattoo removal lasers over the recent past.

Fotona’s New StarWalker® MaQX Q-Switched Laser System

In late September, 2017, the U.S. and Europe-based laser company, Fotona, has received clearance from FDA for its new Q-Switched laser system – StarWalker® MaQX, for treating tattoos, pigmented & vascular lesions, scar & acne revision, and permanent hair reduction. The Verde 532 mode in tattoo laser has been made exclusive to MaQX. Sales of MaQX will begin immediately in the U.S.

Advancements of StarWalker® MaQX include high performance & power, unprecedented clinical versatility, ergonomic compact size, and an interactive, intuitive touchscreen equipped with the user-friendly application wizards. The unique StarWalker® MaQX has high energy capacity, enabling generation of high energy photoacoustic effect at treatment sites. When properly utilised, MaQX can provide faster and effective treatments of tattoo removal.

Global Tattoo Removal Lasers Market to Witness a Significant Expansion: Future Market Insights (FMI) has provided an in-depth analysis of the global tattoo removal lasers market in one of its latest research reports. According to the report, North America is expected to remain at the forefront of the global tattoo removal lasers market in the foreseeable future. This is mainly because a large number of people in the region are seeking tattoo removal procedures for getting rid of old tattoos. Europe is also anticipated to be lucrative for the tattoo removal lasers market. In addition, the tattoo removal lasers market in Asia-Pacific is projected to register the fastest expansion in the near future.

FMI’s report offers a comprehensive assessment of the market, comprising thoughtful insights, historical data, facts, and statistically supported & industry-validated market data. The report also includes projected based on suitable set of methodologies and assumptions. The report provides information and analysis of the global tattoo removal lasers market on the basis of a segmentation analysis. The global tattoo removal lasers market will witness a significant expansion in the upcoming years.

Waukesha’s Investment in Astanza Trinity System

Apart from product developments, regional players are focusing on extending their portfolios by approaching leading companies for services. A locally owned & operated tattoo studio, Waukesha Tattoo Company, is now providing an advanced laser tattoo removal service to people with tattoo regrets or unwanted tattoos. This full-service tattoo studio offers professional body piercing, custom tattooing, fading for tattoo cover-ups, partial tattoo removal and complete tattoo removal. The new laser tattoo removal system, “Astanza Trinity”, is being featured at the Waukesha Tattoo Company. Astanza Trinity is a cutting-edge laser system developed by Astanza, a leading aesthetic lasers manufacturer.

Astanza Trinity Laser System Supports Three Wavelengths for Full-spectrum Tattoo Removal: The Astanza Trinity is an industry-leading Q-Switched Nd:YAG combination and triple wavelength ruby laser system, supporting three wavelengths for the full-spectrum tattoo removal around a wide variety of tattoo ink colours. This state-of-art technology is safe for all skin types, shattering more ink in every session, offering speed to fading process, and lowering number of treatments required for tattoo removal. The investment of Waukesha Tattoo Company in Astanza Trinity will help their customers in removing their unwanted tattoos with the help of a safe solution.

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