GSK’s ViiV Healthcare to Let Dr. Limet Step Down as CEO While Deborah Waterhouse Supersedes

GlaxoSmithKline’s executive is expected to be instated as ViiV Healthcare’s new CEO, following Dr. Dominique Limet bow out after seven years of leading the company’s growth in HIV treatment.

Developing therapeutic procedures for treatment of an incurable disease might not make sense, but the hardships and efforts of pharmaceutical company such as ViiV Healthcare hasn’t been belittled by thousands of HIV patients in the world. The surging occurrence of AIDS brings to mind the soaring number of patients diagnosed with HIV in North America, Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. ViiV Healthcare is a recognizable pharmaceutical company, known for its feat in developing HIV treatment therapies, and is one of the most successful specialized subsidiary of global pharmaceuticals leader GlaxoSmithKline. Seven years ago, the London-based healthcare behemoth partnered with its arch competitor Pfizer, and laid the foundation ViiV Healthcare under the headship of Dr. Dominique Limet. Since then, Dr. Limet ran the company as its CEO, inviting pharma companies to partake in ownership and marketing the company’s HIV treatment drugs across Canada, the US, Japan, Australia, Russia, and European countries such as Netherlands, Switzerland, France, and Germany, among others.

Recent updates on the company have reportedly confirmed that Dominique Limet will be resigning from the post of CEO, ending his seven-year era as the head of ViiV Healthcare. GlaxoSmithKline, who owns the majority stake in ViiV, will replace Limet with Deborah Waterhouse, the Senior Vice President for GSK’s Primary Care businesses in the US. The official reinstatement is anticipated to happen before March 2017, while Waterhouse will succeed Limet by the first of January next year.

Professionals from global pharmaceutical industry and people associated with ViiV Healthcare are familiar with the company’s exertions in determining effective and affordable therapeutic treatments for HIV patients. Dominique Limet guided the company to its current position as being a leading healthcare company for treating HIV. Waterhouse and Limet, both, joined GSK in 1996, and worked their ways to the top. During the formal announcement by GlaxoSmithKline, its CEO Andrew Witty was all praises for Dr. Limet’s contribution in development of ViiV Healthcare. The global pharmaceuticals industry now awaits the progress of ViiV Healthcare under the guidance of Deborah Waterhouse, who holds an experience of leading HIV treatment business in GSK’s UK division.

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