Hollywood Opens Doors for “Training Mate,” an Aussie Gym that Offers Supportive Fitness Environment

Fitness industry in Los Angeles has welcomed the Australian gym franchise, which intends to loosen up the tense competition for fitness by inducing greater importance towards “maintaining the body beautiful.”

The consciousness of relentless exposure to limelight demands an appealing exterior impression and urges people to prioritize and intensify their fitness regimen by outperforming themselves, their peers, as well as the industry contenders. Workout becomes more of a punishment and such strenuous exercises drain out the “wellbeing” quotient from the lifestyle of gym members. An exclusive attention to competitive exercising in the gym tends to build up undesirable tension in the minds of people — from Hollywood A-listers to fitness eccentrics. To alter the conventional fitness trends, residents of the Los Angeles city are now inviting a fitness corporation from the land Down Under.

Australian gym franchise, Training Mate, is slated to open its business in Los Angeles and venture out on improving gym routines in the Hollywood. The US fitness industry welcomes Training Mate and expects that the Aussie attitude does wonders for the intimidating workout practices experienced in Hollywood. Show business and motion picture industry in the US has been glad for Australia’s contribution; especially for bringing in physically-gifted and talented actors such as Mel Gibson, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and the late Oscar-winner Heath Ledger, among others.

Training Mate will expand the Aussie flavor of fitness in the US by setting up businesses in Hollywood. Remarking the benefits of a “very supportive environment” offered in Training Mate gyms, founder Luke Milton guarantees a lighthearted atmosphere for workout; which is its USP. On the contrary, being a former rugby player, Milton also ensures the workout programs at Training Mate are no joke, at all. While the gym relocated from Sydney to Los Angeles in 2013, it took a few years for it gain recognition and sail the waters of Hollywood. The flagship gym in West Hollywood has already enrolled models, actors, actresses, singers, as well as sports and athletic personalities. Some of the regular attendees include Academy Award nominee Rachel McAdams, Entourage-star Adrien Grenier, and Spice Girl Mel B. The gym has also emerged as a community hangout for Australian expats working in Hollywood.

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