IaaS/Hosting Infrastructure Services Market Anticipated to Grow at a Significant Pace by 2027


IaaS/Hosting Infrastructure Services Market: Market Overview

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)/ Hosting infrastructure services offers virtualized computing resources such as servers, software, storage, and other infrastructure components over the internet. Organizations are widely implementing IaaS/Hosting infrastructure services due to the rising volume of business and financial data and other critical information among the businesses in various verticals. This services helps businesses in reducing the IT administration cost and focus on core business operations. Moreover, IaaS services helps in scaling the business resources in order to create demand and helps organizations to focus on core business. IaaS/Hosting infrastructure services offers solution through which an enterprise outsources IT equipment to support business operations such as storage, networking, and servers, hardware or rents out the services of an entire infrastructure from a third-party vendor. These infrastructure services aid enterprises in reducing the operational costs required to set up an enterprise infrastructure and focus on core business operations. This IaaS/Hosting infrastructure services market is evolving rapidly as there is rising demand for cloud-based IT infrastructure models.

IaaS/Hosting Infrastructure Services Market: Market Dynamics

Flexibility to run critical business applications & robust and reliable IT infrastructures are the driving factor of IaaS/Hosting infrastructure services market. Increase in complexity of network architecture can be a restraining factor which will hamper the growth of IaaS/Hosting infrastructure services market. Increased penetration for IaaS/Hosting infrastructure as it reduces IT administration cost is creating opportunities for IaaS/Hosting infrastructure services market.

Global IaaS/Hosting Infrastructure Services Market: Market Segmentation

Segmentation Overview

IaaS/Hosting Infrastructure Services market segmented by service, verticals and region.

Segmentation by services in IaaS/Hosting Infrastructure Services market: Managed Hosting,Colocation Services,Hybrid hosting,Shared hosting,Website hosting,Virtual Dedicated Servers,Virtual Private Servers,Others; Segmentation by verticals in IaaS/Hosting Infrastructure Services market: IT & Telecom,BFSI,Healthcare,Retail,Manufacturing,Government,Utilities,Others

Global IaaS/Hosting Infrastructure Services Market: Competition Landscape

Few prominent players in IaaS/Hosting Infrastructure Services market include Wipro Limited, Amazon Web Services, AT&T, Google Inc., HP, Inc., IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Akamai Technologies, Daisy Group Limited, VMware Inc., Oracle Corporation and others

IaaS/Hosting Infrastructure Services Market: Regional Outlook

IaaS/Hosting infrastructure services market is dominated by the North America, and Western Europe region. North America is dominant in this market due to the wide presence of key IaaS/hosting infrastructure services provider. Asia Pacific is an emerging market for IaaS/Hosting infrastructure services and companies are planning to adopt both on-premises and cloud-based models in this region. Eastern Europe, Latin America and MEA is expected to see growth in the IaaS/Hosting infrastructure services market. Moreover, MEA is an evolving market for IaaS adoption due to the shift from traditional on-premises deployment to the cloud-based deployment of many solutions across various industries.

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