IBM Sets a Patent Record in US with AI inventions, Cloud and Cognitive Computing

Unique Inventions in artificial intelligence, cloud, cyber security and cognitive computing made IBM to cut 8,088 patents of US which is precisely 22 per day in 2016. Bringing a change in technological world and by setting US patent record, IBM engineers, designers and researchers came up with inventions more than 1100 in the field of cognitive computing alone. These patents provided with inventions that help machines reason, learn and process efficiently the diverse types of data while interacting, in familiar and natural ways, with people.

Patent #9,384,661 visualized IBM come up with a method to plan a route for a trip, to reduce risk of driving, based on the state of travelers or to rephrase their state of their mind. Such a system provides help to navigate a route towards home that is less stressful. Other patent #9,311,703 saw researchers of IBM tackling categorization of cardiac diseases. A method for human heart disease categorization was developed by researchers with the help of cardiac images for characterizing motion and shape of the heart, which could be used to assist doctors with the heart disease symptoms diagnosis. As reflected in U.S patent record this year, IBM broke the barrier of 8,000 for the first time. IBM led the world for 24 years straight and committed in innovation and R&D, said Ginni Rometty who is the president, chairman and CEO of IBM.

Inventors of IBM also patented 1600 inventions helping advance cloud computing, with #9,329,908 patent used for identifying hotspots pro-actively in an environment of cloud computing, including the network, storage and server where performance problems can be caused by a resource constraint likely to occur. Learning parameters associated to workload, the cloud gives an autonomic solution for migration or deployment of application based on usage of cloud resource. Comfortably undertaking the US patent record IBM counted quite a bit more than Samsung’s 5,518, which was at second place in 2016. Google made to top five in 2016 with 2,835 patents while Microsoft, called as Tech Giant, made 2,398 patents coming in at eighth.

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