Increasing Consumption of Organic Food & Beverages to Proliferate Demand for Lactose Free Dairy Products

Lactose Free Dairy Products Market

Lactose free dairy products are the type of products that contain less amount of milk proteins. Growing consumer preference for dairy products with immense health benefits has led to increase demand for lactose free dairy products across the globe. Gradual consumer soft towards organic food item and beverage is expected to have positive impact on lactose free dairy food producst.

According the Future Market Insights report, by the end of the forecast period, the sale of lactose free dairy food products across the globe is expected to reach US$ 17,809.4 Mn from US$ 10,582.5 Mn in 2017. The market is expected to register a moderate CAGR of 5.3% during the forecast period 2017 – 2027.

What are the dynamic factors to surge demand for lactose free dairy products?

  • Inceasing concumption of organic food and beverages to drive demand for lactose free dairy products
  • Improvements in global economic to trigger consumer preference for premium products
  • Prevailing lactose intolerance to surge demand for lactose free solutions in dairy products
  • Increasing global urban population to drive demand for lactose free milk products

In addition to this, high lactose intolerant population in certain region is highly likely to surge demand for lactose free dairy products during the forecast period.

Where can lactose free dairy product producers find promising growth to expand production capacity?

The Eastern Europe is expected to offer potential; opportunities to proliferate the market growth. When production of lactose free dairy products are taken into consideration, Eastern Europe is anticipated to remain prevalent. Several companies in this region are likely to diversify their product portfolio for lactose free dairy products and offer them at low cost.

Gradual shift I consumer preferncre for organic food and beverages is expeetd to increase awareness among consumers regarding health benefgts of consuming lactose free dairy producst in this region. Moreover, enforcement of stringnet regulation in food safety ahd let to comply their products with the standard guidelines before entering into market for selling.

Lactose free dairy products manufactures uses several distribution channel in marketing their products. This includes hypermarket/ supermarket, specialty store, e-retailers, and convenience stores. Among these, e-retailer are expected to offer substantial growth to manufacturer owing to increasing adoption of online shopping coupled with rising penetration of internet worldwide.

What is the future scope of lactose free dairy products market?

Lactose free dairy product are mainly available in two types as organic and conventional. Among theses, rising inclination towards GMO (genetically modified organisms) free product has led to increase demand for organic lactose free dairy products durin the forevcast period.

Manufacturers are expected to witness robust growth for lactose free dairy products in the prodiction of condensed milk, milk powder, cheese/butter, processed milk products, milk, yoghurt, desserts and ice creams. Based on the rising consumption of milk worldwide, manufacturers are expected to gain significant market gain in production of milk

Who are the market players in the prodcutiuon of lactose free dairy producst?

Several companies like Amul, Valio Oy, McNeil Nutritionals, LLC, Green Valley Organic, Granarolo S.p.A. and Arla Foods amba are some of the majoe key stake holder in ;lactose free dairy producst market.

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