Increasing End-use in Cosmetics Industry to Drive Growth of Global Shea Butter Market: Ongoing TMR Report

Shea Butter Market

Shea butter is extracted from a fruit named shea nut from Kartie tree. Kartie tree is local to Africa. The meaning of the French name Kartie is “the tree of life”. The term was coined due to its wide-ranging curative properties. Shea extracts are usually used for the production of butter that is shea butter. The demand for shea butter in the market is high due to its tremendous medicinal, healing and skin care properties. Shea butter is used and exported since ages from Africa. Globally, the demand of the market has increased because of the low-fat content oil from shea butter which is used as a substitute for palm oil and cocoa. Following insights on the analysis & forecast of global shea butter market are based upon the findings from Transparency Market Research’s ongoing study.

Trending Demand for Low-Fat Content Products to Drive Shea Butter Sales

Segmentation of the shea butter market takes place based on its applications into different industries inclusive of medicinal, food, personal care and cosmetics and others. The market demand for shea butter is increasing in personal care and cosmetics industry because of its moisturizing, inflammatory and skin care properties. Shea butter and oil that has low-fat content is a substitute for cocoa and palm oil which comparatively has high-fat contents and therefore in the growing food industry where demand for low-fat content products is trending, shea butter and oil is a perfect example. Based on the processing and purity, commercial shea butter is made available in the market as grade A, B, C, D & E.- Unrefined or raw, Refined, Extracted with solvents or highly refined, Lowest pure shea butter, Contaminated shea butter

The demand of the market is higher in cosmetics and food segment as ‘A’ Grade shea butter holds the greatest natural properties compared to other grades. Regional segmentation- Latin America, North America, Japan, Eastern and Western Europe, Middle east and Africa and Asia Pacific excluding Japan. The demand of shea butter in personal care and cosmetics industry in North America and Western Europe is based on the volume. For shea butter extracts, the most profitable global market are the major soap and cosmetics industry in the U.S. Shea butter is used as a cooking oil, in candle-making, as an ingredient in medicinal ointments, as a waterproofing wax and for hairdressing.

Growing Use in Manufacturing of Cosmetic Products: Key Market Driver

The demand for shea butter is high in the world market and various other sectors. Main factors driving the demand of the market are endless growing demand for equivalent cocoa products because of the rise in the world’s population consumption of chocolate. Additionally, the rise in the market demand for natural products based on skin care and cosmetics products is another shea butter market driver.

Due to high moisturizing, emollient and skin care properties, shea butter is in demand in North America, Japan and Western Europe. The usage of shea butter instead of cocoa butter in chocolates is the reason for the high demand. Japan and APEJ is also a significant market demand from natural cosmetics and food market in the region which is increasing. North America and Europe are the important markets for shea butter with regards to natural and cosmetic products. In addition, increasing use of shea butter in food products is factored by consumer’s consciousness about hydrogenated oils that contain trans-fats.

Shea Butter Market Key Players: Leading players functioning in the market of shea butter are Bread For Life, , VINK CHEMICALS GMBH & CO. KG, Lovinah Naturals, Shebu Industries, The Pure Company, Star Shea Ltd., Jedwards International, Inc., (Shea Therapy Ltd) or AGC Ltd, Shea Radiance , All Pure Nature Ltd. and Maison Karite Sociedad Limitada. In the global shea butter market, for easy and smooth trade transaction, most of the players are creating a global alliance.

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