Innovation For Good – Regular Paper’s Replaced with Stone Papers

Stone Paper Market

Stone paper is not either synthetic or pulp made paper but is definitely a kind of exceptionally ecofriendly, highly strong and durable paper which is also called as paper from waste marble , rich mineral paper  and rock paper. The stone paper’s density range is 1.0-1.6 which is more than or equals to ordinary paper and its texture is almost like a boiled egg’s peel.

Stone paper is suitable for bags, wrappers, grease proof paper, stationery, containers, packaging, adhesives and several other applications. According to Future Market Insights, improvement in manufacturing techniques is a major driver for the growth of global stone paper market. Also, due to packaging industries, stone paper market has positive view points. To advance the aesthetics of product packaging, the growth in packaging industry is recognized by requirement for high-quality option and effective labelling.

Following events showcase the successful usage of the tear-resistant, recycled and waterproof stone paper:

Karst Stone Paper: Functional, Simple, & Premium Stationery from Recycled Stone

According to a recent news, Karst Stone Paper company from Australia is manufacturing incredible notebooks packed with paper, made up of 80-90% crushed stone as well as 10% resin which is non-toxic is utilized to bind it together. The concept is definitely captivating as no fibers of trees are used in the procedure. It can be easily cut with scissors and written over with ease as well but is tear-resistant and also ink does not bleed through. The main feature is that it is waterproof which has been justified very nicely by Karst in its FAQ section. He very much mentioned that in case of any damage, it would be the pen that would be responsible and not the paper. Furthermore, he adds that, 732 gallons (2,770 liters) of water and 18 mature trees are needed to prepare just 1 ton of wood pulp paper.

In contrast, stone paper doesn’t need any water in production rather uses crushed stones (calcium carbonate) from construction waste and leftovers of diggings. After which, stone paper can be recycled with wood-based paper or can be left to biodegrade totally within 9-12 months. The carbon footprints of stone paper is likely to be 60% less than the regular paper. The company just emerged few months ago and has already sold around 11,000 notebooks which shows that people are ready to use eco-friendly books.

‘Gilgamesh magazine’ Printed on Stone Paper and Sold on Bikes

Paper didn’t always have the best reputation. In point of fact, it utilizes massive numbers of trees and also is a major factor of solid waste in landfills. By using stone paper, few companies are assessing their present processes and trying to protect the environment. Stone paper is 100% compostable and biodegradable, doesn’t require trees and water for production and decreases toxic levels in garbage dumps. In addition, Gilgamesh magazine initiated to hand out its publications by bike synchronized with the 98th week of the car-free Tuesday. As a result, Gilgamesh quarterly magazine presents the tourism, environment, culture and history of Iran through Gilgamesh bikes all over Tehran.

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