Innovative Business Concept Aims at Healing the Inner Strength of Abuse Survivors through Yoga

An abuse survivor, who became a passionate Yoga tutor, has developed a business idea that retrieves positivity in the spirit of subjects who have incurred the brunt of abusive relationships.

Regaining spiritual strength after experiencing trauma from abusive incidences is one of the hardest thing to do, but not impossible. The fear of coping up with this unmanageable task makes several lose their path mid-way, barring a few who stick to it and eventually emerge stronger than ever. Nicola Jones is such an exception who has dauntlessly recovered from being an abuse survivor to being a Yoga tutor with an effective and novel business idea. Jones has recently made the news for venturing out on a concept that makes business by instituting Yoga retreat for women, intended particularly for abuse survivors.

Growing up with violence lurking at every corner of the block, Nicola’s association with insolent and derogatory altercations continued from her childhood through her adult life. Nicola recuperated from the trauma of violent relationships by getting back on her feet through the disciplinary lifestyle of Yoga. The physical, spiritual and mental disciplines of Yoga influenced her to restore strength in her damaged spirit. After becoming a Yoga teacher and rediscovering her dignity, Jones is now taking efforts to set up a business that focusses on offering Yoga retreats to women in desperate need of rebuilding self-esteem.

Abuse, be it physical, verbal or mental, continues to torment women even long time after it has occurred. The Yoga retreat facility being developed by Nicola Jones will specialize in healing women who have lost their individual identity over the course of distressful time. Ora Yoga, a retreat for women who have been victims of abuse, is slated to roll out in 2017 as Nicola plans to enroll 10 women for a three-day spiritual retreat. For encouraging married women who are still in abusive relationships, Nicola Jones’ Ora Yoga is expected to offer child-care arrangements and an optional marriage consultation through professional therapeutic workshops.

Explaining the benefit of this project for abuse survivors, Jones puts forward a common trait that women accept after being in an abusive relationship. Jones expressed how abuse victims forget about their spiritual damage as they preoccupy themselves into activities and restore their normal lifestyle. In order to avoid the culmination of such ignorance into drastic depression and desolation, the Yoga teacher-cum-entrepreneur is compelling women to inculcate Yoga and win back that their lost sense of amour-propre.

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