Innovative Technologies boosting the Smart Fitness Trend

Smart Fitness

With people becoming more health conscious and with the rise in health disorders, the adoption of smart fitness devices that can guide and keep track of all the fitness activities is increasing. Moreover, the number of features being offered in smart fitness devices is also boosting the demand for such devices.

According to the report by Future Market Insights (FMI), the global smart fitness market is expected to register 24.6% CAGR and reach $9,525.6 million by 2020. Moreover, availability of connected devices with better features by leading players such as Sony Group, Fitbit Inc., and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is driving the growth of smart fitness devices. Moreover, North America is expected to be the biggest market for smart fitness devices.

With increasing demand for better products in healthcare and fitness, major companies, as well as startups, are launching wearable devices for customers.

Smart and connected products are transforming smart fitness industry  

Boltt, an Indian start-up has launched a series of wearable devices and mobile health applications. The products launched by the company include shoes, smart band and an application. Boltt has used Artificial Intelligence (AI), hence, the devices not only record and track the readings but also come up with suggestions to improve various parameters. It also tracks the type of food being consumed, sleep patterns and various physical activities carried on such as running, walking, etc. Moreover, the stride sensor device provided by the company can be attached to any normal shoes, which provide data based on the activity being carried.

With rising trend of smart fitness devices, CES 2017 also witnessed some of the smart gadget helping to improve overall health such as Garmin Fenix 5 Series, Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR, Arion, Sensoria Smart Sock 2.0, LumiWave, Shape Heart, CT Band, 2breathe, Halo Sport, etc.

To make the yoga more effective vibrating yoga pants have been introduced. These smart pants guide the user through their yoga flow and act as an instructor to guide you with correct posture and asanas. These smart pants developed by Wearable X, come with 5 sensors to guide a person through various yoga positions. These smart pants can be connected to the smartphone app.

After acquiring Withings in 2016, Nokia recently released two new fitness devices. One is Nokia Body scale which measures body fat along with insights on weight and BMI and helps in effective weight management. Next device is BPM+, a more version of Withings’ blood pressure monitor. It is comfortable to wear and comes in more compact shape making it easy to carry. It measures both systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate. It has also launched a new Health Mate app which includes five wellness programs namely, better body, sleep smarter, healthier heart, pregnancy tracker and leaderboard.

However, a research conducted by Kaspersky Labs states that malware targeting smart devices have doubled in 2017, reaching more than 7000. Moreover, Vietnam, China and Russia are the top three countries with Internet of Things (IoT) devices being attacked, including a large number of infected machines.

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