Janssen launching a Smartphone App and Blister Packaging for investigators and patients

Plastic Healthcare Packaging Market

Packaging is one of the major industry in the world in which healthcare packaging represents miniscule share. In these changing times and in context of the emphasis on healthcare cost control, plastics are expected to increasing their penetration in healthcare packaging. Until recently, most healthcare product markets grew unfettered by cost control. Only in recent years have cost containment efforts truly began to affect healthcare packaging and other markets within the healthcare industry.

Blister packaging is a cost effective way of showcasing a product. It is mainly a pharmaceutical packaging product. Blister pack is a pre-formed plastic packaging used for pharmaceuticals on a large scale as unit-dose for packaging tablets, capsules or lozenges. Blister packs are useful for protecting products against external factors, such as humidity and contamination for extended periods of time. Opaque blisters also protect light-sensitive products against UV rays.

By the end of the year, Janssen Research and Development, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary will launch blister packs and a patient-facing smartphone app. Janssen has designed a system wherein medications in a clinical trial are carefully managed and scanned at each point of the process.  The systems in the app also helps to makes sure that patients don’t just receive their medications but also take them appropriately. Technically all they know is that the pills were removed from the blister packs, but Koester says that studies have shown this as a much better proxy for actual adherence than prescription refills.

Janssen plans to scale the system for use throughout Johnson & Johnson, and to offer it to other pharmaceutical companies as well. According to Koester, this step was taken for the betterment of the two key partners, investigators and patients and it’s the first of its kind in the industry.

Plastic Healthcare Packaging Market: Key Prospects

According to the ongoing study, significant growth in pharmaceutical and inclining functional necessities for healthcare packaging products universally, is expected to be the key factors driving the growth of this market. Due to high-adaptability and cost-effectiveness, the plastics segment holds the highest share amongst the overall healthcare packaging. The plastic healthcare packaging is anticipated to grow at a significant CAGR during the period 2015-2025. The global plastic healthcare packaging is bifurcated on the basis of end markets which include blister packs, plastic bottles, and others. In emerging countries like India and China, due to the escalating personal disposable income and higher standard of living, the global plastic healthcare packaging market is probable to grow over the period 2015-2025. Rising chronic diseases in Asian region is expected to intensify the growth of plastic healthcare packaging in the region by 2025.

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