Koia’s Plant-Based Protein Drink Ramping Up Availability of Functional Beverages in the US Whole Foods Market

Growing importance of functional foods & beverages in the lifestyle and dietary practices of US consumers is boosting the businesses of plant-based or organic beverage manufacturers such as Koia.

The battle of US consumers with unhealthy dietary disorders such as obesity, anorexia, diabetes, and bulimia, among others, has cost the lives of millions. Surging costs of medically treating these disorders discouraged consumers from seeking clinical help, eventually compelling them to change their lifestyles. Importance of healthy diets is gaining rampantly among the US consumers. Supermarkets, grocery stores and local food & beverage vendors are addressing the demand for multi-functional and nutrition-rich products by urging companies to increase the manufacturing of such products, and simultaneously improve their taste and quality.

Among several F&B manufacturers, Koia is slated to incur these trends are fuel its potential to produce organic functional beverages for eager consumers in the US. Koia drinks continue to expand their presence across the country’s Whole Foods Market retail outlets due to their USP of being a plant-based protein drink. The authenticity of Koia drinks with respect to being natural, organic and nutritious has worked well for the company’s growth. But, most importantly, it has optimistically improved the lifestyles of millions of US consumers. Recently, the company launched a beverage under its Koia Drinks flagship, offering all health-conscious consumers in the US a beverage designed with healthier protein intake.

The retail availability of this drink is gaining traction in the country. Besides being a ready-to-drink beverage that can be refrigerated for longer preservation, consumers are also inclined towards it for lowered presence of sugars and calories. Several functional beverages in the business have witnessed consumption setbacks after consumers became aware of the hidden calories, artificial ingredients, and excessive saturated sugars present in such drinks. Dustin Baker, Koia’s co-founder, has vowed to eliminate this malpractice in production of the company’s drinks. Baker highlighted that consumers no longer needed to settle for unpleasing taste or lack of varieties when it comes to consuming drinks rich in proteins. With time, the rising demand for Koia drinks shall testify how fulfilling the demand of consumers in the US, and concurrently, making them healthy is decidedly profitable for manufacturers as well as retail channels.

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