LA-Based Recruitment Agency Orchestrates Chase Pharmaceuticals’ Acquisition by Allergan Plc.

Allergan Plc

Bench International Search Inc. maps out one of the biggest pharmaceutical purchase in the US by retaining drug industry leaders as Chase Pharma’s board advisories.

Guiding healthcare and pharmaceuticals businesses to the peaks of surplus profits is no cakewalk. Without the right leadership, drugmaking companies can get razed with burgeoning pressures of multiple lawsuits arising from issues such as poor product development, disastrous clinical outcomes, and volatile surge in prices, among others. Pharmaceutical companies that attained global acclaim under the privileged management of a few industry leaders might not be able to retain this success with new executives stepping in and replacing them. Retaining the corporate guidance of such golden leaders becomes quite necessary, urging drug companies to employ leading recruitment agencies for bringing back their valued patrons.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, a leading candidate replacement and recruitment consulting agency has managed to set the “right” stage for acquisition of prominent US drugmaker. Bench International Search Inc., a renowned company in delivering board of advisories and executives to life sciences companies, has been involved in retaining key industry leaders back to the corporate management of Chase Pharmaceuticals, as the drug company gets acquired by Allergan Plc.

Healthcare professionals are likely to be acquainted with the news of Chase Pharmaceuticals being acquired by Allergan Plc., a global leader in branded and generic pharmaceutical production. The acquisition has been reportedly initiated by Allergan paying US$ 125 million as an up-front payment to Chase Pharmaceuticals. While the purchase could even surpass a billion dollar benchmark, Allergan is expected to induce better administrative personnel for handling Chase’s operations and businesses.

Bench International has stepped up to take the responsibility of retaining one of the best-suited chief executive for Chase Pharmaceuticals. Since the recruiting and consulting firm holds a great rapport with Chase Pharmaceuticals prior to the acquisition, Bench International has managed to get Dr. Stephen Cunningham on board. According to Bench International’s CEO Denise DeMan, Dr. Cunningham will bring his elaborate executive experience of over twenty years to the board of directors at Chase Pharmaceuticals. DeMan projects that under the leadership of Dr. Cunningham, Chase can ensure that its clinical-stage program is handled aptly by the people at Allergan.

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