Latest Offerings from Lares Research and KaVo Dental in Global Electric Dental Handpiece Market

Electric Dental Handpiece Market

Several medical device manufacturers from around the world consider improving patient care through research as their key objective. In dentistry, tools such as electric dental handpieces offer a range of benefits to the dentists and enhance their abilities in removal of tooth or during dental restoration procedures.

Be it air-driven or motor-based, electric dental handpieces have become a high value product in the dental care settings across the globe. New electric dental handpieces entering the market are offering benefits such as reduced noise, concentric cutting, consistent torque and speed, turbine-free attachments and manually-controlled operating speeds. For exhibiting compatibility to several attachments, the motors of electric dental handpieces are being designed to serve in endodontic and implant placement procedures.

In 2017, the global market for electric dental handpieces has been estimated to be worth over US$ 270 million, according to a prominent market researcher. The firm’s forecast study foresees the global electric dental handpieces market to surpass US$ 450 million value by the end of 2027. Latest trends reflected in the global electric dental handpieces market include the growing uptake for brushless motors, increasing efforts of manufacturers in making the motors lighter and more compact, and a rising need for multi-purpose attachments. Tracing the latest developments in the global electric dental handpieces market, key players – KaVo Dental GmbH and Lares Research – have made the news for launching innovative products in the recent past.

  • KaVo’s Electromatic Systems

In late-2017, the German dental equipment manufacturer announced the launch of new series of electric dental systems – Electromatic – which are dubbed to exhibit key transitions in the standard electric dental handpieces made by KaVo. According to the company release, KaVo’s Electromatic motors deliver constant speed and torque for precision dentistry. An intuitive user interface of the Electromatic systems provides a better control over operating speeds and maintains the quietest environment feasible.

Offered in three variants, these systems are versatile in high-speed as well as low-speed applications. Programmable speed settings provide an added advantage for using these electric dental handpieces in critical dental procedures. LCD displays improve the readability, while multiple mounting options enhance the visibility. Dentists can also adjust motor-speed settings and avoid changing attachments to maintain workflow efficiency.

  • ProStyle E Electric Handpiece System by Lares Research

Lares Research has designed the ProStyle E Electric Handpiece System to deliver precision during dental procedures. High power cutting capabilities of these systems are driven by an autoclavable motor. These electric dental handpieces are aimed at minimizing the hand fatigue of dentists. High-speed fiber optic attachments shift the balance point of these machines forward. These systems are pegged to be affordable against the current pricing trends in the global electric dental handpieces market. Lightweight, easy installation and maximized comfort are factoring the boost in adoption of Lares Research’s innovative electric dental systems.

Along with such developments, integration of electric dental handpieces in delivery systems is a key trending influencing their manufacturing landscape. New electric dental handpiece systems can be fully integrated into the tubing of delivery systems used in dental procedures. Advancements in the rotary movements of electric dental handpieces are also expected to reshape the future of the global electric dental handpieces market.

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