LAUSD Puts its Weight behind Students, Criticizes Donald Trump


Donald’s Trump’s rhetoric on immigrants was widely criticized during the run-up to the U.S. elections. Now that he has been voted to power, the anxiety and scepticism among the minorities and immigrants in palpable. The Los Angeles Unified School District has identified this concern and has launched a new hotline to build much-needed confidence among the citizens.

LA Unified school board President, Steve Zimmer, held a press conference on Thursday and assured students and their parents about their safety. Anxious students had earlier taken out a rally to protest the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President. The protestors had stopped traffic at Hollywood Avenue and Sunset Boulevard. Zimmer requested the students to cooperate with school leaders so they can express their concerns in an organized manner. He also made it clear that like the LAPD, the LA Unified school board has decided not to entertain any request for interviewing students on school site. Mr. Zimmer also advised students to not get waylaid by the hateful rhetoric targeted at them, and instead dedicate themselves to complete their graduation and higher studies.

Zimmer was direct with what he thought of Trump’s campaign and expressed that as a father he could easily see that Trump’s rhetoric had scared the children in the community. It is worthwhile to mention that LA has a huge immigrant population, and nearly two-thirds of its students are Latino. The community has responded to Trump ascension to power with protests, and one protest resulting in the arrest of 28 people.

At Zimmer’s press conference, the other important officials in attendance were LA County Supervisor and LAPD officials. At another press conference in the afternoon, he was joined by Mayor Eric Garcetti, who applauded the students for not resorting to violence and hooliganism and keeping the protests peaceful. Zimmer reiterated the support of the local bodies to students, however, he was also quick to add that students who had walked out of classes will have to face some disciplinary action.

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