Los Angeles’ Life Science Businesses Obtain Unrestricted Support of California Life Science Association (CLSA)

Backed by the state’s largest and highly-influential organization on life sciences, Los Angeles-based companies offering innovative medical treatments will gain recognition in parallel with business expansion.

The importance of life sciences and bioethics continues to surge drastically as companies participating in industries such as food & beverages, healthcare, and consumer goods, among others, seek scientific studies that determine impact of a product or a service on living organisms such as plants, animals, microbes, and even humans. California’s contribution in the global industry for life sciences is considered seminal as the state’s research organizations, administrative associations and enterprises render it dominant in this industrialized demesne. Los Angeles plays a significant role to help the state sustain such as stature as several city-based companies are actively working around the clock for introducing ground-breaking treatments and procedures.

California Life Science Association (CLSA) is supporting the life science hubs in Los Angeles in terms of business expansion and employment of favorable policies. Building up a progressive life science community in Los Angeles involves participation of academic institutes as well as enterprises that offer services and treatments in this field. With CLSA’s backing, this community is likely to expand abundantly, which will be symbolic to the business growth of companies developing advanced scientific procedures. The advancements incorporated in life science research studies are further utilized by bioinformatics companies, medical organizations and healthcare IT businesses, creating surplus scope for investment as well as demand.

The city’s life science companies are also being gratified by the FDA as several scientific approaches in the pipeline are expected to get approvals in a jiffy. Past year’s statistics prove that the city has recorded hundreds of new devices and equipment, which were devised through the studies undertaken by LA-based companies. Among such firms, Lab Launch and LA BioMed have secured strategic tie-ups with the CLSA in terms of research development and employment of proficient staff. LA BioMed, a biomedical research institute, offers researchers facilities for conducting studies on variety of illnesses, while bioscience incubator Lab Launch helps life science startups in setting up research and product development facilities in Los Angeles.

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