Los Angeles Mayor Alerts Citizens to Use iWatch App for Terror Vigilance

Administrative authorities in Los Angeles are stepping up their measures to avert terror attacks and are alarming residents to use the iWatch app for tracking security updates.

In the wake of terror threats, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has publicly announced that the city’s residents must a keep a track of security conditions and update authorities regarding suspicious objects. After getting a tip-off from Universal City Red Line, the city and its authorities are compelling citizens to use the iWatch app on their smartphones and fight terror in an active manner. With the help of iWatch app, Los Angeles authorities and the FBI have brought in active participation of citizens who will remain vigilant over any possible terror attack indications. The Mayor of Los Angeles has urged his subjects to use iWatch and alert security authorities on a real-time basis.

The citywide implementation of iWatch app features is being considered as a first of its kind use of multimedia application by a political or administrative organization in the US. While law enforcement agencies of Los Angeles beef up their security, their “eyes” and “ears” will be iWatch users spanned across the city. According to reports, foreign sources have alerted the city and its administration regarding potential bombing threats by terrorist outfits. Along with the use of iWatch, the mayor has requested Los Angeles residents to not get distressed or panicked and continue with their daily lives as normal. For vigilance purposes, the mayor further stated that people can report suspicious activities through the iWatch app instead of relying on a busy hotline.

Extra vigilance from Los Angeles people is now being integrated with the city’s security operations. With safeguarding the city as their top priority, law enforcement and homeland security personnel stationed in Los Angeles will be communicating with the city residents and keep themselves updated. Upon request, people are expected to report incidents near them through iWatch, which will further ensure citywide surveillance for police and anti-terrorism units. A novel collaboration as such is likely to influence other cities in the US and spread the terror vigilance across the country.


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