McDonald’s McCafe Brand Fading Out as US Coffee Drinkers Continue to Tune into Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts

The fast food restaurant chain plans to give McCafe beverages a face-lift by upgrading the taste of its coffee and offering more season beverages, thereby emulating its coffee-making competitors.

Longstanding customers of McDonalds may distinctly remember inclusion of coffees in the fast food chain’s menu across the globe. Eight years after its launch, the McCafe brand is now in a desperate need to revamp itself so that the company regains its prominence among coffee drinkers in the US. Knowing that a considerable proportion of the country’s population, particularly the ones settled in urban areas, have a strong bond with coffee, McDonald’s is planning to restore the lost pride of its McCafe drinks. The ritualistic stature of this stimulating beverage in the US has compelled several global restaurant chains, such as McDonalds, to include coffee in their beverages menu and even set up individual restaurant outlets for serving them with their existing culinary dishes. But, competing with top brands like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts is really formidable, even for global F&B giant such as McDonald’s.

Nevertheless, the San Bernardino legacy continues to spread to all corners of the world, and so does the company’s McCafe brand. After assessing a noticeable dip in its McCafe beverage sales, the company plans to reintroduce its coffee brand by sourcing its coffee beans from sustainable cocoa farms and altering its taste with accordance to consumer preferences. After upgrading its java infrastructure, McDonald’s will now reintroduce McCafe drinks in a way that makes them complement the restaurant’s acclaimed hamburgers and fries. Key insights reported in McDonald’s recent announcement indicate that the new McCafe coffee stops will include different deals as opposed to the restaurants. McCafe customers will also be offered with a new coffee rewards program, coupled with an added variety of alternatives for seasonal beverages.

Rebranding McCafe can be a strategic measure undertaken by McDonald’s since it is currently under the pressure of dropping food sales. Prominence of fast food chains and stiff competition in this market is likely to divert customers in the US away from their culinary legend. Presence of ready-to-eat meals at gas stations and convenience stores is most likely to continue dissembling McDonald’s customers. Much like McDonald, Burger King is also another popular fast food franchise in the world undertaking similar measures to increase its revenues through new beverages.

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