Merger Speculations Hamper Growth of Shares for LA Times Owner Tronc and Gannett Co.


A possible merger between the newspaper conglomerates has piqued interests of many, fuelling the rise of doubtful speculations that are impacting the market stature of these companies.

A coalition of prominent print media houses is generating quite a buzz among readers of the individual publications, their investors, as well as market experts. Tribune Publishing, commonly addressed as Tronc, has been speculated to merge with Gannett Co., making it a much talked-about deal in the realm of newspaper conglomerates. Unfortunately, the commencement period of such unification has spurred negativity on the market stature of these print giants as the share of Gannett Co. and Tronc have recently incurred a considerable plunge. The antecedent to this fall in shares is likely to be growing prominence of doubts circling around the merger.

Tronc has gained prominence in the US print media industry after being an independent owner of the Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune and many other reputable regional papers. NASDAQ witnessed a halt in the company’s trading when their shares attained volatility and after peaking on October 3, only to fall unexpectedly in the November. Gannett Co., on the other hand, procured a comparable share fall anomaly and rendered weak performance in the third-quarter outcome. The Gannett-Tronc alliance is projected to have instrumented the share downtrend.

The declivity in shares of the two newspaper businesses might further jeopardize the talks of merger, which are still at nascent stages. People invested in the growth of each media houses are less likely to approve this business amalgamation. The share sag was also alleged to be caused when investors and bankers financing this merger began retreating. Nevertheless, the two behemoth corporations have been anticipated to participate actively in merger negotiations by working out a structure of the fused business organization. The merger will impede the competition in the US print media businesses once Gannett, the USA Today publisher, includes its top-selling daily publication in Tronc’s catalog. The deal will benefit Gannett Co. from recovering losses suffered during acquisition of ReachLocal, an online firm, and other parent newspaper companies such as the Record of Bergen County, N.J., and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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