Micro-Ultrasound Systems Market to Register Stable Expansion During 2017-2027

Micro-ultrasound systems market is a growing market as the preclinical research on cancer and imaging modality are taking place in research institution and pharmaceutical industries. As the traditional ultrasound is used for imaging, as of micro-ultrasound system are used to analyze diseases in human. Micro-ultrasound system give a platform to monitor the tumor volume changes, angiogenesis and also help in monitoring the ECG, heart rate and the body temperature of animals. As micro-ultrasound is the small version of technique traditional ultrasound, it’s very helpful in studying the smaller animal model, this smaller imaging has also reduce the number of animals required for the clinical research.

Micro-ultrasound is capable of anatomical imaging. Micro-ultrasound systems generate the sound waves from transducers and penetrate the living tissue for getting the image in 2D or 3D. Micro-ultrasound are very useful for studies smaller animal for research purpose as the range of micro-ultrasound is from 15-20 MHz Micro-ultrasound also helps in early detection of tumor in the body ranging from 50 µm or above. Micro-ultrasound has many application which enable the micro-injection of drug, detection and measure the cardiotoxicity for cancer therapy and other probes into tumors. The diverse application of micro-ultrasound creates significant opportunities in the diagnostics and treatment procedures.

Micro-ultrasound Systems Market:  Drivers and Restraints Micro-ultrasound systems providing the evidential support to the clinical research. Micro-ultrasound visualize the tiny tumor vasculature the image resolution. Micro-ultrasound has the unique property of in-vivo detection and analysis with a high-resolutions in real time imaging. Penetration of micro-ultrasound systems are lesser when compared with micro-MRI, and micro-CT. However, micro-ultrasound system are ease to use, portable in nature and cost-effective are expected to drive the growth of the market over the forecast period.

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Micro-ultrasound Systems Market:Segmentation  Micro-ultrasound system market segmentation based on:Based on Application:Cancer research or tumor volume,Lesion detection,Drug efficacy

Based on imaging technique:Non-invasive imaging,In-vivo imaging,Based on end users:,Clinical research institutes,Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries,Diagnostics centers

Micro-ultrasound Systems Market: Overview Micro-ultrasound systems market is one of the fastest growing market for preclinical imaging in different area of research like cancer, vascular disease, stem cell and others. Micro-ultrasound is cost effective as compared with other systems, further image resolutions are also increases by injection microbubbles contrast agents. The user of micro-ultrasound get the raw data which is not available with other traditional ultrasound systems.

For instance, in June 2006 between FUJFILM VisualSonics Inc. and Bracco Group entered a partnership agreement to develop and manufacture of MicroMarkerTM contrast agents optimized for preclinical imaging on VisualSonic’Vevo 770 micro-ultrasound platform. Recently one of the player name as Exact Imaging has received approval in March 2017 from Health Canada and the license (#98667) to sell micro-ultrasound in Canada. The ExactVuTM product of Exact Imaging is used by urologist to visualized and distinguish suspicious cancer tissue and allow to target prostate biopsies.

Micro-ultrasound Systems Market: Region-wise Outlook On the basis of region, Micro-ultrasound Systemsis segmented into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan, Middle East and Africa. North America and Western Europe are the growing market as most of the players are present in this region and working on the technology enhancement with respect to size of the system and use in different preclinical research. Asia Pacific is a potential market as many of research institute and pharmaceutical industry have their present and using micro-ultrasounds systems.

Micro-ultrasound Systems Market: Key Players Some of the players are Exact Imaging, FUJFILM VisualSonics Inc., Carestream Health, and Hitachi Medical Systems.

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