Mobile Advertiser The Mobile Majority Acquires Qualcomm’s Bluetooth Beacon Manufacturer – Gimbal

Strategic amalgamation of mobile advertising and wireless technologies will introduce newer business opportunities through customer engagement for tech companies.

Advertising businesses can benefit from information assessed through location-based data services. The distinct reception of an ad in various locations and areas is likely to improve promotional activities and strategies of advertisement companies. Incorporating such data services becomes essential, especially for mobile advertisement firms who need to target a specific set of potential customers in a particular area. And, using prevalent wireless technologies such as Bluetooth can work wonders for strategically aligning location-based information in mobile advertising operations.

Gimbal, a leading supplier of Bluetooth beacons, is thus being acquired by mobile advertising company The Mobile Majority. The acquisition of Gimbal is expected to increase the use of accurate location-based data in promotional operations of The Mobile Majority. Based in San Diego, California, Gimbal has been incubated by global semiconductor giant Qualcomm and is now an independent private tech company offering customer engagement platforms for entrepreneurs as well as businesses. The Mobile Majority, a Santa Monica-based mobile advertising startup, will be acquiring Gimbal to accelerate its pace of engaging mobile users by delivering advertisement content through wireless proximity of Bluetooth technology. Essentially a Qualcomm spin-off, Gimbal offers location solutions for businesses that are integrated with engaging customers in a specific location. Mobiles and smartphones of customers equipped with Gimbal’s Bluetooth smart beacons or iBeacons can help such business collect data through geofencing and geolocation analytics.

Advertisement startups like The Mobile Majority are spread across several locations in the US. The company entices mobile users through its engaging ads and has currently stationed its offices in Detroit, Sao Paulo, New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. Acquiring Gimbal and using its wireless proximity devices such as the Bluetooth beacons will enable the mobile advertisement firm to increase the reception of its ads in these cities. Existing Gimbal customers across the US will act as an additional base of potential customers for The Mobile Majority’s ads. Gimbal’s prominence in the beacons technology market and Qualcomm’s contribution to the company’s technological development will prove beneficial for The Mobile Majority’s wireless advertisement businesses.

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