Mouthwash is an emerging product in the Indian Oral Care market

Oral Care

In the present times, there is a rising awareness about personal care and hygiene, especially oral hygiene. Hence, mouthwash becomes an essential product to use for anyone who have a habit of eating spicy food or food that has more amount of garlic in it. Due to the use of mouthwash that has antiseptic and anti-plaque properties, the bacteria causing cavities, gingivitis and bad breath are killed, and the person rinsing with the mouthwash gets fresh breath instantly. Hence, it is recommended to use mouthwash after every meal to give fresh breath and to keep the mouth healthy. There are a number of active ingredients in mouthwash that helps to achieve this objective, along with the combination of regular brushing and dental check-up. The use of mouthwash is also reported to fight cavities and aid in the formation of healthy gums.

However, people need to be made aware about the proper use mouthwash in order to get the best results. Generally, people using mouthwash end up swallowing it, and this may lead to various adverse effects like vomiting, diarrhoea, and dizziness. Hence, mouth wash should be used carefully, and it needs to be expelled out from the mouth after gargling for 30-40 seconds and should never be swallowed. There are different types of mouthwash available in the market, and one of them is fluoride mouthwash that helps in preventing tooth decay. There is also antiseptic mouthwash that helps in fighting bacteria that cause bad breath. A combination of these two types of mouthwash will lead the user to have healthy teeth and gums and a fresh breath.

There is an additional benefit of using mouthwash as it is good for dental hygiene. Since there are many areas of the mouth where a normal toothbrush cannot reach, a mouthwash in its place is quite helpful. Mouthwash reaches the remote places in the mouth which are otherwise difficult to reach by a toothbrush and cleans such areas, providing protection from cavities and prevents bacteria from affecting the gums. Also, there is a benefit of killing germs that cause bad breath and tooth decay as well. One important point to remember is that not to consume water for at least half an hour after one rinses with a mouthwash.

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