NASA to Announce Discovery Mission

Discovery, the 25-year-old program run by NASA, said that they will make an announcement on Thursday morning, AEST. Exploration endeavors of the space agency’s thrifty arm have come up with ways that are cost-effective to ferret in and study the universe’s contents since 1992.  The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and independent agency, is responsible for aerospace and aeronautics research, space science and civilian space program. While Discovery Program, basically is its lower-cost series increasing our knowledge on Solar System by tasking highly focused missions for the same. It provides opportunities for scientists who wonder deep in their imaginations to unlock mysteries of solar system with innovative ways, says NASA on its website.

The goal of Discovery Program is achieving outstanding results, using shorter development times and fewer resources, by launching numerable smaller missions, as an accessory to NASA’s huge flagship planetary science scrutinization. It seems that NASA has keen interest in discussing the succeeding project to be handled by the program, which is one of the NASA’s longest-running. Space agency conveyed that NASA would discuss selection results of its recent discovery mission in a media teleconference. Persons speaking to media will include Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of Science Mission Directorate of NASA in Washington. Future selected principle investigators for missions will also be included in the teleconference. Public is also allowed to participate in the conference by submitting questions which are needed to be answered at the time and following the briefing immediately with the use of hashtag on Twitter, #AskNASA.

As Astronomers from America realized the significance of communicating the meaning and excitement of exploring the space to public, Discovery was NASA’s first programs that necessitated a plan for public outreach and education. Former missions handled by Discovery Program comprise of the Messenger Spacecraft (first spacecraft to invade around the orbit of mercury), Insight Mars Lander and the Dawn Mission involving a probe studying the protoplanets of, Vesta and Ceres, the asteroid belt.

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