President Obama aiming for adoption of clean energy

President Obama has come up with an article stating the world’s tread from fossil fuel based energy to clean energy. This moment, he propounds, would not cease to end even though there are policy changes due to the upcoming administration of Donald trump. According to current President, even though the climate change is noticeable, the administration of Donald Trump may do nothing about it, this being a political mistake, although it might not affect the economics of clean energy. He assures that the trend towards clean energy economy that emerged during his reign would continue even after his presidency days are over and that this trend is irreversible. Citing recent studies from international as well as national agencies that energy emissions are disengaging from economic growth and that the argument stating that the climate change would require adapting to lower standard of living and lower growth should be put to rest.

Besides the fact of Donald Trump’s baseless negligence to climate science, Obama presumes that the local businesses and governments will be dealing with the change in climate in near future and that they will continue investing to protect people as well as the investments by the effects of change in climate. Walmart, Google and GM, according to Obama, swore to move as much of their energy consumption as possible to renewable power. Obama says that the push at renewable source of energy is invincible and that it is a valid strategy towards growth in the economy. He notes that carbon emissions since 2008 have stooped low by 9.5 percent while there is 10 percent growth in the economy, which proves the separation of growth from emissions of greenhouse gases and proves wrong the fact that adoption to clean energy will be an obstacle in economic growth.

Obama writes that the system of US government allows each president to chart their own course of policy and that Donald Trump would have the ability to do the same. President Obama is giving his best to ensure the government, industries as well as the common folks that economic growth has nothing to with the reduction of use of fossil fuel based energy and adopting to clean energy putting a pressure on President-elect Donald Trump to not take a step back away from a core strategy towards fighting climate change.

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