Recent Developments Point to a Positive Future of the Pipeline and Fitting Market

Piping and Fittings Market

Naylor industries based at Barnsley, England stated that their small investment is likely to allow them to manufacture larger diameter pipes to convey high volume of surface water. The family-owned industry has installed high-tech production line for production of large diameter plastic drainage pipes for their customers in agriculture, utilities and infrastructure markets.

Growing unpredictable climate partly drove the decision of investment stated Naylor Industries. Chief executive of Naylor Industries, Mr. Edward Naylor stated that each year they seem to be seeing once-in-a-lifetime weather events. Company needs larger capacity pipelines to deal with storm water when it heavily rains. To defend the country against flooding larger diameter pipes plays an important role of measures.

The business originally manufactured clay pipes in 1890 however, expansion led industry to step into plastics in 2000. Mr. Naylor sees bight future of British manufacturing. The company Naylor has been trading internationally and has exported pipes onto each continent as well as into 65 overseas markets.

Plastic pipe production of the firm utilizes big volumes of recycled post-industrial and post-consumer waste. The investment is likely to enable the firm to make double-walled and larger pipes, which will be 750mm, 900mm, and 1050mm in diameter. Capacity at Cawthorne site is likely to be increased, which already makes up to 50 miles of pipe per day by the recent investment, creating new job openings. Each year, Naylor group produces enough pipe to stretch around the world twice.

Company Exits Cross-Canada Pipeline Plan: An announcement made by TransCanada Corp. that they have exited plans to build energy east pipeline, which would have carried 1.1 Mn barrels of crude oil to the Atlantic Coast from Western Canada. It was not clear what influence TransCanada’s decision will have on the current export of Canadian oil through an existing pipeline. The attorneys of the city filed the motion in U.S. District Court in Portland soliciting a stay of judgment proceedings to submit new request to dismiss Portlant Pipe Line’s lawsuit.

New Report Forecasts Steady Growth of Piping and Fittings Market

The future of piping and fittings market is positive, according to a report generated by Persistence Market Research (PMR), a market research firm. According to the report, growing population is driving the growth of the market. Increased drainage requirement with wide network of connection in urban regions has led to growth of the piping and fitting market. Rain water harvesting system is another trend that is propelling demand. Overall, the report projects a positive scenario for the growth piping and fittings market.

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