RF Duplexer Market to Gain a Stronghold by 2027

The cellular industry is growing rapidly due to increased lifestyle spending in developed as well as developing economies. Many countries such as US, Canada, India, and China etc. are some of the fastest growing economies which are constantly increasing their spending on communication devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs etc. thereby driving the adoption of wireless communication and military devices. This has led to increasing number of applications of RF duplexers. Presently, there is a rise in demand for RF duplexers in electronic devices such as smartphones, portable PCs, tablets and set top boxes as its offers bi-directional communication. RF Duplexer is widely used in application areas such as military & defense, consumer electronics, aerospace, wireless communication etc. which is expected to increase the demand for RF duplexer in the market. Due to its compact size, it can be easily fit into smartphones and other electronic devices which lead to increase in demand of RF duplexer for various integrated solutions.

RF Duplexer Market: Market Dynamics

Rising deployment of LTE networks and increasing demand of RF duplexer in many wireless communication devices is expected to boost the RF Duplexer market. Development of mobile computing devices with advanced functions and multiple wireless bands has created complexity in RF devices. This complexity in RF devices can be a restraining factor for RF duplexer market. The emergence of automated and integrated solutions in electronic devices is the upcoming trend in the RF duplexer market.

Global RF Duplexer Market: Market Segmentation

Segmentation Overview

RF Duplexer market segmented by application, components, and region. Application segment consists of wireless communication, aerospace & defense, consumer electronics, and others. Component segment consists of RF filters, duplexers, demodulators, power amplifiers, antenna switches etc.

Segmentation by application in RF Duplexer market: Cellular, Wireless Communication, Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Electronics, Others;  Segmentation by components in RF Duplexer market: RF Filter,Duplexer,Surface Acoustic Wave Filters,Bulk Acoustic Wave,Demodulators,Power Amplifiers,Antenna Switches,Others

Global RF Duplexer Market: Competition Landscape

Few prominent players in RF Duplexer market includeBird Technologies, Arrow Electronics, Inc., CTS Corporation, Qorvo, Inc., Wainwright Instruments GmbH, Anatech Electronics, Inc., Microwave Filter Company Inc., Renaissance Electronics & Communications, LLC, TDK Corporation, DFINE Technology Co., Ltd., Westell Technologies, Inc. and Broadcom Ltd etc.

RF Duplexer Market: Regional Outlook

North America is expected to hold the largest share of RF duplexer market due to the increasing wireless communication industry in this region. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region due to technological advancement in wireless industry that creates huge opportunities in cellular segment which is expected to contribute major growth in RF duplexer market. Europe is projected to contribute to the growth of RF duplexer market in the forecast period due to the presence of RF duplexer provider in countries such as Italy, UK, and Germany.

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