Smartphone App Wyndow Incorporates Geolocation’s Technology for Providing Area-oriented Entertainment Options

Navigational and ground-positioning technologies of the Wyndow app will offer users the liberty to select from a range of showbiz events happening nearby. 

Even though it’s tough to attest this, but in many ways, the world is gradually drifting away from the information age, mooring its foothold into the age of entertainment. Being a lucrative industry that appeals the exclusive attention of almost every other person in the world, entertainment or show business has become a seminal force that can impact the dynamics of almost any other business. Times when technology steps up to proliferate the global showbiz clout even further, consumers with capacity to shell out more money have rushed to get a hold of that end-product. So, for tech companies, the most feasible way to create business opportunities and expand their presence is by developing user-friendly entertainment applications. Prevalence of smartphones does the job of channeling these apps to the right clique of users, particularly the ones who will instantaneously install it and won’t shy away from coughing up dollars on in-app purchases.

This time, the app in the limelight is Wyndow, a real-time geographical search engine that allows Apple and Android system users to get the most current updates on upcoming entertainment events in their vicinity. Developed by a company based in Sacramento, Wyndow has integrated the technology of a prominent navigational app to lay out and shortlist showbiz events happening in the town or, even across the block. This entertainment tech app was launched as a website, which harvested impressive response, urging the startup to make it a smartphone app.

The potential of Wyndow’s technology was well-assessed by the company’s founder and CEO, Oleg Kaganivich. Geolocation, a prominent GPS application for smartphone users came in handy for development of Wyndow. The former’s geographically locating technology was instated in Wyndow to pan out all nearby showbiz options. Any upcoming entertainment events such as sport matches, social gatherings, concerts, and movies, among others, get updated on the app, which then notifies the user about their venue, location, ticket fares, and other aspects. While Wyndow can be downloaded for free, future prospects of the app’s business models have so far raised investments amounting US$ 2 million. Nevertheless, revenues reaped from buying tickets through such an app is likely to further develop growth opportunities for entertainment technology businesses.

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