Snapchat’s New Bitmoji Avatars Are Almost Too Real

3D Animation Market

Snapchat has always received appreciation for its innovative features and it’s no different this time. The company has recent launched a new feature, which is a combination of two other exciting features; augmented reality technology and bitmoji. To begin with, this new feature developed by Snapchat allows users to create a 3D cartoon of themselves that can be projected into the real world.

The Uniqueness on Snapchat 3D Bitmoji: This new feature by Snapchat is an extension of its commitment to its World Lenses and bitmoji. Bitmoji reportedly allows a user to create his/her personalized emoji within the Snapchat platform, which can also be integrated into traditional text messages and the World Lenses platform enables projection of the user’s 3D image into the real world. Also, Snapchat’s 3D Bitmoji also the user to perform some virtual skateboard tricks, do yoga or visit your favorite spot. Currently, the feature is only available to iOS users, but the company is planning to launch the Android version.

Bitmoji is Snapchat’s Most Powerful Creation: Snapchat’s 3D Bitmoji feature is likely to contest with Apple’s Animojis and TrueDepth camera that were launched recently. This also indicates that tech firms are not shying away for foraying into diver spaces. The feature launched by Apple will allow users to record video clips as moving emoji, which can be shared with friends using iMessage and perhaps other similar apps.  Snapchat is also among the first few social media companies to launch augmented reality based features and was later followed by Instagram and Facebook, who launched feature on similar lines. Thanks to Bitmoji, Snapchat is likely to edge out its competition despite new entries, as others lack the database strength of user avatars.

Acquisition of Bitmoji is Turning Out to be a Profitable Deal After all: Bitmojis have become quite popular among Snapchat users. In 2015, Snapchat launched its selfie lenses after the acquisition of Looksery – a startup based in Ukraine. Earlier this year, the company also tech firm also integrated World Lenses in the app’s rear-facing camera. However, the company is yet gain any revenue from bitmoji and for the time being, it remain uncertain how it plans to do so. Possibly, the company might make certain bitmoji outfits buyable or find sponsors for some accessories and outfits. In all of this, one thing that strikes out is the growing application of 3D animation technology. A majority of social media platforms are integrating 3D animation technology in order to make user feel more bonded. A study conducted by Persistence Market Research (PMR) reveal that 3D Animation is one of the fasted growth trend in technology and media and entertainment sector. 3D animation technology is receiving overwhelming response from consumers owing to its appealing and unique nature.

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