Suede Gullying with Puma – The Shoes for Each Personality

Puma has a history of over 69 years now when it was initially founded in Germany in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler. It has been ever since inspiring athletes, self-motivated fitness enthusiasts, sportsperson, workout aficionados, dancer, and the common mass to get going on their feet and bring out the best in themselves. The recent add-on to the legend of Puma is the Suede Gully collaboration that brings out the rawest and beautiful form of street art including dance, rapping, and gully traditions. The Suede initially had hit the streets in 1968 and has been bringing out revolutions since then.

In an innovative undertaking that catches the coarseness of Indian roads, Suede is the meeting up of a group of specialists who have discovered motivation from the lanes they come; whose craftsmanship is real, unadulterated and rich with soul. Like everything Indian, this coordinated effort is as different as can be, highlighting 4 dialects, 8 rappers, 36 artists, 7 road specialists and shot crosswise over 4 corners of the nation.

Set to be India’s biggest road imaginative cooperation, Suede Gully pays reverence to the social pertinence of Suede, a tennis shoe that speaks to the soul of each age.

What is art if it doesn’t carve a special place in people’s hearts? Those who have seenSuede Gully would agree.

Launched on November 5, Suede Gully is a one-of-a-kind collaboration that celebrates the true essence of the street. Aligned with PUMA’s legacy of partnering with icons in music, art, pop, and street cultures, the video celebrates the essence of PUMA’s iconic Suede collection.

All the Suede Classic+ products for Women and Men have been featured in the video along with Puma’s fitness and workout wears.





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