Surface Drilling Rigs Likely to Gain Huge Demands in the Near Future

Surface Drilling Rigs Market

Exclusively utilised in construction, quarrying and surface mining industry, surface drilling rigs are designed for using in hazardous areas and tough conditions, for catering to the demands from the aforementioned sectors. Flourishing construction & mining activities, and rapid rate of industrialisation fuel growth of the global surface drilling rigs market. Post global economic crisis (2008-2009), mining and construction industries have witnessed a sluggish growth. However, after some time both of these industries recovered and discerned stabilised growth.

Surface Drilling Rigs Offer High Precision and Constant Power

Surface drilling rigs are utilised in some part of drilling for laying down bore wells. Small, split holes are required for laying depth foundations of huge raised buildings in construction. For drilling these holes, surface drilling rigs are broadly utilised in construction sites. These are also deployed in quarrying industry for rock blasting and rock cutting. Surface drilling rigs provide two drilling methods for delivering high precision and constant power viz. down-the-hole and top-hammer methods. Surface top-hammer drill provides high penetration rate and reliability in toughest conditions. Referred to as DTH, down-the-hole drill resembles to small jack hammer, capable of drilling up to 150 metres or 500 feet per day.

At the time of drilling, the power of hydraulic and mechanical processes are combined by surface drilling rigs for energy transmission. The drilling process involves cutting circular cross-sectional area in solid surface or rock. Hammering action needs to be applied from the top for creating these holes. For locating minerals and testing their quality, the mining industry possesses two types of drillings- surface mining and production drilling. Surface mining is capable of being performed in various fragmented sizes viz. with large production holes and small pits. Production drilling is utilised for drilling large-split holes for minerals’ production cycles. Independent modules are available for optimising interactions between subsurface and downhole drilling system for selected drilling processes.

Asia Pacific Foreseen to be Most Lucrative in Global Surface Drilling Rigs Market

Asia Pacific (APAC) is expected to dominate the global surface drilling rigs market in the near future, according to a report by Future Market Insights (FMI). This is primarily attributed to presence of rapid growing economies across this region such as India and China. With huge infrastructure developments and increasing number of investments across both commercial and industrial sectors, the Middle East is expected to be the second-most lucrative region in the global surface drilling rigs market in the upcoming years. Another major contributing factor to Middle East’s market share is surging construction activities across countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Global demand for surface drilling rigs is likely to be driven by growth in production of bauxite, iron and copper in mining industry.

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