Tandems Diabetes Automatic Insulin Delivery Suspension to Undergo Clinical Trials

Insulin Delivery

An insulin pump with the capacity to anticipate blood glucose levels and make changes accordingly is undergoing a clinical trial in America. Touchscreen insulin pump manufacturer Tandem Diabetes has been working on a variant of its top insulin pump. The venture includes utilizing Tandem’s t:slim X2 insulin pump with a PLGS (predictive low glucose suspend) system. PLGS enables Tandem to consequently suspend insulin delivery when it senses low glucose and resume the process again when glucose levels begin to rise once more. Tandem Diabetes Care, along with Dexcom’s G5 continuous glucose monitor (CGM), is connected with a smartphone running on TypeZero’s app inControl. The grouping is attempting another clinical trial to research the utilization of an artificial pancreas system.

The move to consolidate diverse calculations alongside insulin pumps and CGMs is still at a nascent stage. The new system works by ceasing the discharge of insulin when blood glucose levels are anticipated to drop and supplying more insulin when levels are anticipated to rise. Collectively, the companies expect that the integrated system and data collected from the trial called PROLOG (PLGS for Reduction of Low Glucose) will be the foundation for Tandem’s future regulatory submission to FDA.

The trial will incorporate 90 participants with type 1 diabetes will participate in utilizing the pump at six research centers all over the nation. Participants will be randomly grouped into two that will each be supervised for two discrete three-week time frames to perceive whether the utilization of a t:slim X2 pump with the PLGS system can avert glucose levels going under 3.9 mmol/l. Researchers hope to later include Dexcom G6 sensor- incorporated pump to the trial yet coordinating with the Tandem t:slim X2 pump. The t:slim X2 Pump, which was quite recently made accessible a month ago, coordinates with inControl’s systems straightforwardly into the touchscreen interface, and the whole system will be added to the trial in 2017.

Kim Blickenstaff CEO of Tandem’s believed that the combination will deliver a top-notch automatic insulin delivery system-simple to use, depending on the precise CGM data obtainable and utilization of proven and reliable system. He was also grateful to be collaborating with them for the trial. The company is planning to submit the technology for approval in the US in the initial months of 2018.

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