The Art of Maintaining Diary: How the diary makers are in need for miracles!


Diaries have always been an introvert’s, a writer’s, and a dreamer’s best friend. With the advent of online or e-diaries, virtual notes, digital diaries, and online writing pads, etc., the culture of diary writing or making daily diary notes has come to a sudden halt. Publishers of diaries are on the verge of a realization that whether to continue publishing or not. Well, they are publishing and printing them of course, but in very generic forms for companies, corporates, and institutions when they give away their yearly stocks to their employees. And how sad it is for the telephone diary makers? The emergence of smartphones has left literally no scope for the old school style of maintaining telephone diaries.

Why should the art of diary maintaining be revived?

Clinicians say ‘Bridget Jones impact’ of expounding on sentiments enables cerebrum to manage feelings. Expounding on your sentiments can enable the cerebrum to beat enthusiastic miracles and abandon you feeling more joyful, clinicians have found.

Cerebrum checks on volunteers demonstrated that putting sentiments down on paper diminishes action in a piece of the mind called the amygdala, which is in charge of controlling the power of our feelings. Clinicians who found the “Bridget Jones impact” said it worked whether individuals explained on their sentiments in a journal, penned lines of verse, or even scribbled down tune verses to express their negative feelings.

The Depleting Art and the Great Survival Stories Written in them

The art of diary maintaining needs a serious revival. Leaders in the printing and publishing business such as Macmillan, Penguin, Oxford, Cambridge, and several others are still gauging the audience which still likes the smell of paper, to be precise, still prefers the use of pen and paper over online or offline writing tools. Though after the advent of digital platforms for making notes the business of diaries might seem to have gone down, but the trend of old-school methods and vintage gaining pace again, it is expected that the production and consumption or so as to say, the demand and sales of diaries is also anticipated to fall back on track again.

Diaries have been the witnesses of great stories and events and innumerable tales have been recorded in them. With them alive, we do not have to fear on our personal things getting lost in a digital void or being seen by others through cloud hacking. For instance, the Diary of Anne Frank. One of the most renowned and celebrated diaries of all times. It was then made into a book. Who knew that the memoirs of a little girl during a massive war will turn out to be one of the most renowned books in the history of mankind?  Some of the other well-known diaries are Franz Kafka, Ernest Hemingway, Kurt Cobain, Virginia Wolf, and the list goes on.

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