Tim Cook Gives a Hint on Apple’s New Self-Driving Technology Program

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According online sources, the Cupertino-based technology giant is working on a self-driving car technology. Reportedly, Tim Cook who is the man in charge of all the affairs in the company recently elaborated on the Apple’s interest in the self-driving technology petty much describing it as an important AI segment. This comes as surprise, as Apple executives usually aren’t that open about their plans in regarding entering the automotive domain. But the company has been revealing on its significant investments particularly in self-driving tech.  The company is currently concentrating on developing a full proof autonomous system. The company is looking at it as core technology, but considers it one of the most challenging AI projects to take on. This may be a clear indication that Apple is serious about its automotive ambitions, but does not give any clear picture on how the company will introduce it to consumers. With regards to the end-product that could be expected from the dedicated efforts from the company, it will exiting to see what will be the response from the buyers. From a product point of view, the company is still making no guaranteed promises, despite considering it as a core technology of high importance.

Not A CAR but A Technology

Last year, there were reports that surfaced suggesting the Apple has dropped its auto plans momentarily with focus shifting back to “Project Tina”: company’s electric car program. This also indicates that the company is working of on an autonomous technology rather than a vehicle segment, which further suggest that it may offer software solution to manufacturers rather than directly competing with them. Last year, Apple roped in Tesla’s former Vice President of Vehicle Engineering Chris Porritt as the chief of its automotive special projects. Mr. Porritt had a key contribution in Tesla’s Model S, Model X and Model 3. Before working with Tesla, Porritt was the Chief Engineer at Aston Martin and supervised projects such as V12 Zagato, One-77 supercar and DB9. Reportedly, last year Apple tried to collaborate with few other carmakers, however owing disagreements over ownership of customer related data the plan did not work out. Meanwhile, Apple has been resolute on its plans to build could infrastructure for its auto project. In addition, the company has also previously come up with an explanation that its prototype vehicles were deployed as part the company’s mapping project and had nothing to do with the self-drive car project.

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