To Deploy Fiber-Optic Network at Small Cell Support, Wilcon Targets Los Angeles

Fiber-Optic Network

Wilcon, a provider of data center infrastructure and fiber-optic network of West Coast, says will expand in Los Angeles fiber footprint with an aim to emerge small cell wireless requirements, and that hundreds of sites of small cell around downtown Los Angeles, including the fashion district, Koreatown, Chinatown and Central Business District will be served by new fiber-optic cable. The fiber will haul traffic, company adds, to internet hubs and major colocation facilities throughout the region from small cell sites. Operating in unlicensed and licensed spectrum having range between 10 meters and 1 to 2 kilometers, small cells are low-powered radio access nodes. Compared to mobile macrocell having range of few tens of kilometers, they are small. Remarkable increases in mobile traffic amount drive demand for broadband capacity that are more robust throughout metro areas, said, Wilcon’s CEO and President, Jon DeLuca. National mobile providers are allowed by small cell technology to not only improve user experiences and increase quality but also in extending their coverage. Wilcon’s dense network of state-of-the-art has uniquely been designed and deployed in order to ensure optimal performance, address these dynamics and enhance reliability for Southern Californians.

An optical fiber is a transparent flexible fiber consisting of thin flexible fibers with a core of glass through which signals of light can be transmitted with minimum loss of strength. Director of emerging telecoms at Frost and Sullivan and a leading industrial analyst, Ronald Gruia, said that Carriers will be enabled to densify their networks further, by fiber deployments like Wilcon’s, by future proofing their backhaul capacity and deploying extra small cells to support tremendous growth in, particularly video, data traffic. Stage will be set by these next-generation network rollouts in order to support higher frequencies like WiFi offloading, 4.5 G, 5 GHz and 5G eventually. To ensure American carriers and users depending on cutting edge of wireless technology, simply stated, buildouts such as these are critical. Wilcon also offers, along with small cell backhaul, services like lit transport, interconnection, colocation, (DIA) direct internet access, dark fiber as well as cloud access to service providers, regional enterprises and wireless carriers.

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