TRIAC Market Rugged Expansion Foreseen by 2025

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TRIAC Market: Introduction, Drivers, Challenges, Segmentation and Key Players

TRIAC, as a semiconductor device has gained traction in recent times due to its applications in small utility electronic gadgets and motors like for speed control of electric fans, light dimmers and many of the small and major computerized household appliances. The main reason to look at this market is the involvement of TRIAC in small scale utility products, which keep up the growth of this market.

The primary and foremost feature for the use of TRIAC over its straight competitors like Triode and SCRs is that TRIAC is bi-directional, which is not the case for Triodes and SCRs. TRIAC abbreviated as Triode for alternating current is not only used for alternating current (AC) but also for direct current (DC).

TRIAC is a three terminal solid state power switching device which can be triggered in conduction by both positive and negative voltage applied to its anode and gate making it a two-quadrant switching gate controlled device, and this feature of TRIAC has gained it various applications in the market.

The primary driver for TRIAC market is the cost factor associated with using one TRIAC in place of two thyristors. The manufacturers would move for a TRIAC in place of two thyristors to cut down their cost of production. Another driver would be the increasing use of household and utility products in the market most of which contains a TRIAC for its functioning.

The major challenge faced by the TRIAC market is that switching in TRIAC is not symmetrical which leads to many problems like a high level of harmonics and EMI problems. These drive the manufacturers to either go for some extra circuitry or keeps the TRIAC use to certain applications.

The type of packaging of the TRIAC tells us about the form in which it is manufactured. Different packaging forms are used in different applications.WaferForm, Box, Reel, Segmentation of TRIAC Market on the basis of Current Allowed : The current allowed through the device shows the capacity of the device and also relates to the stoppage voltage configuration of that: TRIAC., 6A-10A, 12A-20A, More than 20A, Some of the key players of TRIAC Market are Central Semiconductor Corp., NTE Electronics, Inc., STMicroelectronics, Littelfuse Inc., Sanken Electric co., Ltd., IXYS Corporation, Solid State Inc., NXP Semiconductors and WeEn Semiconductors.

In November 2016, Central Semiconductor Corp. announced their distribution agreement with Avnet Inc. who is a technology distributor.  Central Semiconductor Corp. product portfolio including diodes, triac etc. will be available for purchase by customers in North America through Avnet group.

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