Update on Next-Generation Biometric Technology

Next Generation Biometric Market

With rapid innovation, biometric technology is also undergoing a drastic change with the process of authentication becoming more secure and convenient. Companies working on biometric technology are finding a more efficient way of authenticating a person as who they are in a more unique and accurate way. Rising number of theft activities and terrorist activities are also resulting in the increased use of the biometric system. Face, fingerprint and palm print recognition are some of the most popular types of biometric technologies being used across various sectors such as government, banking, healthcare, etc. However, major market players are focusing on developing new biometric technology making it easy and also speeding up the process of identification.

Australia to Use Facial Biometric Technology to Prevent Stolen and Fake Identities

The federal and state government in Australia are planning to use new technology that can help security agencies to access data. The government is planning to implement facial biometric technology to help authorities identify and prevent stolen and fake identities. Establishment of national facial biometric technology will also help authorities to ensure the safety of people.

Orbbec and 3DiVi to Develop 3D Full Body and Face Tracking Technology: 3DiVi in partnership with Orbbec is planning to deliver full body and face recognition 3D technology. 3DiVi face recognition has also been identified as the world’s fastest recognition software. 3DiVi had also developed VicoVR, a virtual reality mapping device. This device is equipped with tracking software Nuitrack and face recognition SDK. 3DiVi face SDK and Nuitrack will be optimized with Orbbec’s depth camera, meanwhile, Orbbec will also be working on hardware improvement and optimization. Along with this, both the companies also plan to deliver next-gen sensing solution for various platforms including TV, smartphones, etc., with the focus on Android. These platforms will also be provided with 3D face recognition technology.

Research Reveals Next-Gen Biometric Technology to Witness Significant Growth

According to an upcoming report by Persistence Market Research (PMR), the global next-generation biometric market will experience significant growth due to the increased concern regarding national security. Biometric technology is also gaining traction due to the support provided by the government, increasing use in criminal identification, and is also being used on large scale in e-passport program. Meanwhile, there has also been an increase in the use of biometric technology in e-commerce. However, high cost of the biometric system and invasion of privacy are some of the factors hampering the growth of the global next-generation biometric market.

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